And we are back to Rihanna, but this time it is all about her adoring fans and the lengths she will go to for them. Pop star and singer Rihanna showed a little skin for one of her fans which displayed her tattoo that goes down the side of her hip. The fan photo was featured on Meetthe Famous.com
We’ve covered Rihanna before, and she is no stranger to the ink. Rihanna has a list of 12 tattoos on her body. A list of her twelve known tattoos:
1. A music note on her ankle.
2. The Pisces sign behind her right ear
3. A star in her left ear
4. Sanskrit prayer going down her hip
5. The word ‘love’ on her left middle finger
6. A patch of star dust on the back of her neck
7. [she turned #6 into] a trail of stars going down her back
8. The phrase ’shhh…’ on her right index finger
9. The date 11-4-1986 on top of her left shoulder
10. A skull on the back of her left ankle
11. “Freedom in God” written in Arabic on her left side
12. A tribal design on her right hand and wrist that represents strength and love

In other news, Rihanna was selected as the spokesmodel for Gucci’s first UNICEF ad campaign. The pop star will appear in the fashion house’s Tattoo Heart campaign, which will be displayed during December.