Peaches Geldof has just received a new tattoo to honor her hubby Max Drummey. This fact has confused a few people, since just a month ago, she was swearing that their marriage wouldn’t last forever. So whether it is true love or not, she has decided to give herself a permanent imprint of her current hubby, and possibly an ex husband to be. But this is life when one is 19. And her hubby, a mere 23 year old, has decided to return her love in kind.
Peaches tattoo is that of her hubby’s name, and she has had it imprinted on her left wrist. Max? He went a little more subtle and went for the initial P on his wedding finger. Guess if things go sour again he can come up with a creative twist to the P. No? Well, given the fact that he refuses still to wear a wedding ring, he feels that the P on his finger is enough. Hm. Maybe. But when he’s out, nobody is going to look at the tatt and say ‘married! Moving on!’ And perhaps this is where the marital tensions have come from.

And this is not the first wrist tattoo for Peaches. The other one she has is of a noose, and Max’s name is located right over the noose. And so this location must be where Peaches keeps all of her sentiments, since the noose tattoo was designed by her ex boyfriend Faris Badwan, a man whom she kept a five month relationship with before she married Max. Why a noose?

‘The noose was meant to symbolise me being owned by Faris, for him to have a rope around me.’

So many thoughts on that one, and it could very well explain the nature of the dysfunction between her and her hubby since he doesn’t appear to want to be owned at all. Or their dysfunction could arise from the fact that they got married after knowing each for four weeks. But she keeps a realistic spin on it:

‘I didn’t go into it with Max thinking, “This is going to last forever”, but I did go into it thinking, “I love him right now and I know that I will continue to love him for a long while.”‘

I have to say, this is one marriage heading for the toilet, just based on my limited information. And since this tattoo was her 17th, I can only imagine how creative she will get with her 18th. Can only imagine.