These days, the joy of getting a tattoo for many, particularly with women, is to have something that represents a unique element of one’s sexuality. There is no mistaking the fact that getting a hip tattoo could indeed be one of the sexiest tattoos that women can get. It is alluring, sensual, and for many, their best kept secret shown only to a select few. But it can be said as well that hip tattoos are among the most painful to receive. Is the pain really worth it?

Women that have hip tattoos will say yes. Having a hip tattoo is, well, hip. And it is sexy and very alluring to the opposite sex. Upon discovery, almost makes men wonder…what else is she hiding? But if you are considering a hip tattoo, do not be mistaken. It IS another one of those ‘most painful areas’ in consideration of tattoo receival. The reason for this is that the hip, for many women, does not contain as much fat under the skin as other areas of your body. So the tattoo needle is going to be very close to your bone and also your nerves. Ouch. But there’s no question of its sex appeal.

If pain is a significant factor in whether or not you will get a tattoo, but you still want a hip tattoo, consider the size. The smaller your tattoo, the less pain you will experience. And don’t think that just because your sexy hip tattoo is small that your sex appeal will be eradicated. It won’t. A tiny tattoo peeking out over your bikini strings will be just as sexy as an elaborate tribal tattoo spread over your hip area.

Another issue you can consider if you don’t want to sacrifice size is sacrifice detail. The less detailing in your tattoo design, the less pain once again as the needles will perform uniform movements that are not as intricate as a detailed design. Consider for example getting a heart tattoo all in one color, or perhaps some initials of significance that are again, all in one color and in simple designs and fonts.

It’s entirely up to you how you go about getting a hip tattoo if the pain is truly a consideration for you. There is no question that hip tattoos can be painful, but equally so, there is no question that hip tattoos are among the sexiest out there. Ask anyone with a hip tattoo and they will say, the pain was definitely worth the gain.