It seems the very essence of getting a tattoo anywhere on one’s body is not cringe worthy enough. No, in fact it must get creepier. The latest in the craze of tattoos pushing the envelope is getting one on your eyeball. That’s right, the needle will actually penetrate the eyeball. This is what happened to Pauly Unstoppable, the world’s first recipient of the eyeball tattoo.

The intent was to turn his eye blue. (ever hear of colored contacts Mr. Unstoppable?). The process entailed a total of 40 injections into his eye to capture the proper pigment. The pigment was initially injected under the top layer of the eye using a syringe. At first a traditional needle that had ink on it was used, but the ink wouldn’t hold so a syringe was used. The blue ink for the tattoo was mixed with an antibiotic wash and used for the tattoo.

And here is what Pauly has to say about the whole thing:

“I really have to emphasize again that the procedure was extensively researched and done by people who were aware of the risks and possible complications, and that it should not be casually attempted…. Now that this experiment has been started, please wait for us to either heal or go blind before trying it.”

Did he need to warn us? I don’t see a lot of people jumping on this bandwagon. Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but neither HIS safety, nor his ability to see, is the least of my concerns. I’m thinking about all of those little children that are going to crap their pants anytime they look at this man.

Oddly enough, eyeball tattooing is not new. It’s been around since 150 AD and was even used in the 1800’s as a form of cosmetic surgery to correct any cosmetic defects around the eyes. Then it was referred to as corneal tattooing.

For now, we are going to have to wait and see if Mr. Unstoppable will be needing a guide dog or a cane in the future before we label this a tattoo trend. I see this ‘trend’ going nowhere whether he keeps his sight or no.

Trendy? No. Creey? Definitely.