pink-offbeat-inkAlecia Beth Moore was born in 1979 and performs under the stage name Pink, or P!nk. She is an outspoken and daring singer who is emotionally honest and shares her deepest feelings in her songs. As she says herself, she has no choice, it is what she does… and she does it so well, having bagged 23 million dollars in album sales, two Grammy Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and eight top 10 hit singles so far!
P!nk is known to have around 2 dozen tattoos. Noone but her knows exactly how many. She has many different styles and sizes of tattoos. She also shows no signs of stopping, and has been quoted as saying she definitely plans on getting more tattoos.

There may be more, but according to the confirmed list so far, P!nk’s tattoos, from top down, read something like this:

A tribal musical note behind her left ear
A bar code reading “1 9879-11299-1 3″ on the the nape of her neck
A guardian angel on her left shoulder,
A portrait of her dead dog Elvis on her left arm, the words “Sir Corky Moore” with a date, a broken heart on the inside of her left elbow
A razor blade inside her left wrist
A red star on her left hand
The words “What Goes Around Comes Around” wrapped around her left wrist, and the words “True Love”
A symbol for love and a red heart on her lower stomach
A dragon on her left thigh, the words “Mr. Pink” on her inner thigh, and a Japanese symbol for good luck on her ankle
A Japanese symbol for happiness, a frog, and two other  symbols on her left foot
Her big toes sport a red heart each
Her right ankle has a pair of dog tags representing her brother and her father.
She has a Chinese symbol representing infinity above her right ankle

There is one tattoo she has no plans for though, and that is one of her husband, Carey Hart. He is multi-tattooed as well and his repertoire includes many of her name but P!nk feels that getting a tattoo of her husband’s name is not something she would contemplate. I wonder how he feels about that!