gok-wanHow can you not know who he is?

Gok Wan started life as a fat kid. A very fat kid. What a perfect target for the bullies. It took him a while to realise he was AngloChinese and longer to work out what his sexual preferences were but his passion for fashion was evident from the age of 4.

Odd though it may seem, Gok Wan has become the man most women would leave their partner for. This is only odd if you realise that, as Gok said himself: the ‘girlfriends’ would look gorgeous everyday but may eventually leave feeling a little unfulfilled…

Gok came from relative obscurity, clothing famous people behind the scenes and burst onto our screens, giving us slightly frumpy, plumpy wallflower ladies the wherewithal to shine out and blaze forth.  Among his most fervent and adoring fans are the unlikely combination of Dame Judi Dench, Victoria Wood and Ruby Wax.
His program ran for three years, encouraging women to learn to love their bodies to the extent that they would appear naked in public. Maverick TV is now looking for men to learn to love themselves as well… Hmm. All very well, but when trying to work out a bit about what makes Gok tick, and deciding to have a look at his tattoos, it was a shock to realise that there are no clear images of his tatts anywhere to be found.
Gok has three tattoos. The one on his left arm seems to be a ‘meh’ attempt at a tribal, leaving most of us singularly unimpressed. The one inside his right wrist is a series of stick men representing the members of his family. Very sweet but nowhere can we find a picture of it so how can we judge it? The cuttest one though must be his barcode. It appears that it does work, and scans him into the soft sweets department. N’aww.