Ah yes, we are talking about quite possibly one of the world’s most famous celebrities, and she also may hold the title to the celebrity woman with the most tattoo. While we may never know for certain exactly how many she has, as she is somewhat mum about it, she has over the years accumulated several dozen….and in the process, has undergone a little bit of buyer’s remorse as well. Keeping in line with our chat on buyer’s remorse, today we will talk about some of Angelina Jolie’s former tattoos, why she got them, and why she had them removed or covered.

angelina-jolie-billy-bob.jpgWhat you are looking at here is one of Angelina’s more famous tattoos, the one she had done with the name of her second husband and a dragon underneath. The dragon came first, the hubby name came second, and she had both removed following their breakup. Overall, it took 5 visits to the clinic to have the entire thing lasered off. At the time, she stated in an interview, “I’ll never be stupid enough to have a man’s name tattooed on me again.”

angelina-jolie-tiger.jpgOn her lower back, Jolie currently has a huge Bengal tiger that she had done in Africa over a total of 2 hours, all the while African artist was chanting ancient hymns. Naturally. This tattoo is replacing 3 former tattoos: a tribal, blue window, and a dragon. The dragon is now partially covered by the tiger, and the window is covered by the tiger’s tail. The window was a symbol for the fact that she always found herself looking through a window wishing she were someplace else. She covered it because she is exactly where she wants to be in life now.

Angelina is no stranger to the drunken tattoo either, she had a dragon put on her hip after a binge in Amsterdam, which she has had covered up with a cross. A tattoo on her right arm once was an abstract lines design, created by her and former ex Billy Bob, which she now has covered with an Arabic tattoo. She also had on her right arm the Japanese symbol for Courage to match one with her other ex husband, Johnny Lee Miller. She had it removed by laser because it ‘didn’t feel like her own’.

These are just few of Angelina’s removal escapades in the land of Buyer’s Remorse. She has had countless removed, and even more put on to cover or commemorate new events in her life. With twins on the way, you can probably expect to see a lot more ink coming out on this girl as well.