I have been doing some research on tattoos trying to find the perfect symbol for myself to be quite honest, and I am running into the strangest tattoos. Do all people get tattoos to commemorate something or someone, or to permanently ink something of meaning to them? If so, help me try and figure out what is going on with these ones….

Here we have the ever not so classic bicycle tattoo. But not just any bike, a 10 speed bicycle. I am trying to remember when the last time was I actually even saw one of these bikes, oh wait, it was here on this man’s chest. What IS that? Hearing about the motivation behind this one will definitely entertain me if nothing else…


Then we have the microscope tattoo. And again, not just any microscope tattoo, an entire back’s worth. Well, this one gets points for artistic interest I have to say. Here you are looking at an elegant fusion of art and science, with a wide range of detailing. In the corner is a scoop of ice cream that’s fallen off. And here you will also find flea eggs, bone marrow, and some kind of virus attacking a sun dried tomato. Naturally. Is the owner a scientist? Or an artist? This one has me thinking…kudos for creativity, this is a print I’d actually put up on my wall.


I am just going to flat out say I don’t get this one at all, and wonder if it even classifies as a tattoo. It’s a Pac Man motif, obviously, which is one thing, but while it may appear as if it has been done with white ink, this is not the case. The owner here as self-created this tattoo with a laser etcher into a computer controlled tattoo device. Were you thinking OUCH? Yep. Me too.