Pamela Anderson has recently turned 40, and to celebrate the big event, she decided to do two things. Commit herself to a new ‘religion’ and to honor that commitment through a tattoo. She has quite the bevy of tattoos already, and is rivaling some celebs as the most tattooed, but she’s not quite there yet. The new religion you ask? Celibacy. Yes, she actually thinks that’s a religion.

The tattoo, has yet to be unveiled to the photographing eyes, but she has revealed it to some…and it is of an unopened clam and is located on the very small of her back. Yes, you read that right. Pamela Anderson is an unopened clam now, as the result of her new ‘religion’. It hurts to even write that, but so it goes….

Many have teased her since (shocking!) but she sticks to her guns, claiming to be fully converted to the religion of celibacy:

I wanted to try it for once. I was introduced to celibacy by my parents at a young age, but by the time I was eight I was out of that religion. It has been nice, now when I am approached by men and I tell them I am of the celibacy religion, they just walk away and show no more interest in me,” said Anderson.

And she’s serious about it, despite the fact that rumors are swirling about her recent re-involvement with Tommy Lee. But a friend of hers says she just needed to ‘cleans her palate’, that she’s been with some real sleazes, and she needed to declare this for no other reason than to control her sexual urges.

How might I ask then is etching a tattoo where noone is ‘supposed’ to be able to see it going to do that I wonder?

Her tattoo artist says,

It won’t be long until she comes calling for me to open that clam on her lower back up, and when she does, I’ll be ready.