Usher is a great R&B artist, but he is also known for his rapping and most of his songs are a mixture of R&B and rap. Not only is Usher known for his music and good looks he is also known for his Tattoos. He may not have as many tats as his fellow rappers, but he is very much respected for his great tattoos.
Usher has used a great font on the tattoo of his name on his left bicep. The font used is “graffiti font” and the font seems to match the kind of songs he sings and the tattoo has a sword going through his name . For the size of his biceps that Usher holds, the tat sure looks good. He also has a great tribal design on his left shin. The design is done vertically down his left shin and looks really cool when he supports a pair of shorts.
A dedication to Ushers dancing skills has to be the break dancer he has inked on his right shin. The dancer in the tat is wearing blue jeans and a white t shirt and doing a head spin, just like the man himself.

Usher has a script tattoo dedicated to his brother James on his upper left calf. The tattoo supposedly has Jame’s name on it. He also has two black stars inked on both of his hands. The stars are inked in between his thumb and index fingers. Star tats are usually used when something memorable has happened – I am surprised he is not covered in star tat’s!

Usher Raymond has a pretty intricate inked arm tattoo that was apparently done by a very well known tattoo artist. With all the gym work the R&B singer sweats, the tattoo looks pretty good with his short sleeved t shirts and his rippling muscles. It is reported that the singer had the tattoo done after his divorce to attract the “ladies” and I am sure he has great success!