Many people want to have a lasting memento of an achievement or special occasion – a trophy for a competition, a clock for a retirement – but sometimes some feel that a trinket just isn’t enough. After hitting the high scores from the high boards this summer, Tom Daley chose to add to his collection of medals and memories with a lasting mark from the Olympic Games.

Following a turbulent few months – the low point being the death of his father – Daley captured the hearts and hopes of the nation by springing, flipping and turning his way from the 10m board to a bronze medal during London 2012 – a triumph he took more graciously than the Chinese competitor Qui Bo who sulked all the way to the silver podium.

Tattoo Tweets

In true celebrity style, Tom revealed his new ink on Twitter, taking a picture of the 5-ring logo and tweeting it to his thousands of followers. The picture featured fellow Olympian Divers Sarah Barrow and Chris Mears who also took the plunge and had the same iconic symbol of the games indelibly stamped on their respective body parts. The shirtless snap is sure to set pulses racing among Tom’s female following, and for the majority of his fans it adds an edge of bad-boy which can only fuel the attraction that he already enjoys due to his skill, looks, and *that* 6-pack!

The Olympic Rings symbolise the ‘Colours of All The Nations’  – though Tom and the other Olympians have opted for an all-black design – but the logo is better known for being synonymous with the Olympic games in general and is instantly recognisable.

With Sarah opting for a discreetly placed emblem on her ribs and Chris choosing a small insignia on his wrist, Tom didn’t hold back when having a large motif created on his right bicep – and he described the experience as ‘therapeutic’! While neither Sarah nor Chris scored a medal placing, both had an incredible Olympic journey which they are understandably proud of.

While he is quoted as having said the pain was ‘addictive’ he said ‘I don’t think I’ll get another tattoo, to get one it has to mean something to you.’ He said earlier in the year that his mum had given him a voucher to enable him to have a tattoo done after the Olympic Games.

Autobiographical Art

The Plymouth-based tattoo artist from ‘Spike of the Art’ took less than 15 minutes to complete the design which was one of the first things Tom did when he returned to his home town following a book signing in Bristol. His autobiography ‘My Story’ has hit the number 1 spot in several book charts including the Amazon Swimming Biography category – it has also reached number 175 in all books in the online book-seller’s charts.

Who knows what the future has in store for Tom Daley, and whether there are more medals to come – but his legacy from London 2012 and his permanent memento on his arm will stand as a reminder of his amazing achievements for decades to come.