Paddy McGuinness was born in Bolton Lancashire. He went to school with his good friend and fellow comedian Peter Kay with whom he went on to film Phoenix Nights with. Since his rise to fame Paddy McGuinness has been living the high life in London and has been thoroughly enjoying it. He has recently released a book called “My Guide to the North.” In this book he talks about the differences between the North and London. One of the main differences he noticed was the amount of people still out and about in London at night compared to Bolton where you would not see a soul around.

Where Did It All Begin?

Paddy who is now 37 has had many different jobs since graduating from university as a lab technician. He has been a labourer, a club rep for the 18-30s (which is where the start of his comedian days began), a fitness trainer, a lifeguard and he’s had a job working in a warehouse. Paddy was also the face of Greggs which he really enjoyed as he was able to help himself to the sausage rolls and doughnuts that were on offer.

How Does He Maintain His Appearance?

Paddy always seems to maintain a perfect complexion and good appearance, but how does he do it. He’s 6ft 1in and although it may look like he takes a lot of care over his appearance even he admits that he does not stay awake worrying about what he looks like. He has however had an operation to pin his ears back, but to be fair most people would do the same if we were in his shoes.

What Was Paddy’s Childhood Like?

Paddy was raised by his late mother Pat who he adored. Pat was a single mother and used to work as a cleaner. Whilst at work Paddy used to stay with his Auntie Maureen who helped to care for him. Paddy has always had strong female influences in his life and likes to let people know how hard his Mum worked to raise him. He thinks that people are wrong if they judge single parent families as his mother raised him with manners and he never got into any trouble with the police.

Pat passed away in 2003 and this left a deep hole in Paddy’s life as Paddy is now in a position to be able to treat his Mum to the things she deserves that she could not afford when he was growing up.

What Is The Tattoo That Paddy Has?

Paddy has had a tattoo of his mother’s name on his left wrist in honour of Pat. He loved her dearly and will miss her forever. This is the only tattoo Paddy has which shows just how much she meant to him.

Who’s The Lady In Paddy’s Life?

Paddy has recently got married to Christine Martin, who he is very much in love with. He says that she is special because she is very beautiful but does not flaunt it and he finds this trait very attractive in a lady.