Sarah Michelle Gellar, a talented and famous American actress who has also worked as a producer, is known for her many roles in various television series and movies, such as Cruel Intentions, Scooby-Doo, and the hit TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She seems like the typical, clean-cut American girl next door, but she has a few tattoos to show off after all. Whether Sarah will add to these tattoos in the future is a question that will need to wait to be answered.

Unclear Meanings and Symbols

Sarah’s tattoos match her personality and her femininity. Rather than getting large, obvious pieces of artwork on her body like other actresses may choose to do, Sarah instead chose to express herself through just a small number of designs that are not the type that would grab the attention away from her. She is certainly a talented and motivated woman in Hollywood, and her tattoos accentuate who she is without getting in the way of her image.

Sarah has a total of four tattoos throughout her body, mainly focused on her ankles and torso, where they could easily be hidden by clothing if she is not in the mood to show them off. While her pieces are certainly different from the average tattoos that some people get, some of the meanings behind them are equally obscure. Even though Sarah definitely knows why she got each piece of tattoo art, her fans may be left wondering about what exactly each symbol means.

Small and Dainty Tattoos

A strange tattoo of a symbol that has been disputed as being everything from Egyptian to Chinese to Celtic is on Sarah’s hip. It is a very simple tattoo, small in size, and it seems to consist only of black ink with a small amount of colour. Some people have speculated that it is a symbol that stands for integrity, but no one can be absolutely sure.

Yet another tattoo is found on Sarah’s lower back, and it is one that she has shown off proudly in photos so fans are well aware of it. This is another black tattoo, but it also has some hints of pink in it as well, adding to its feminine look. But this time there is no questioning what exactly it is. Because she loves dragonflies, Sarah had two of them tattooed onto her back. They are close to one another and flying off in opposite directions up on an angle, almost forming a shape like the letter V.

Sarah also has a tattoo on each of her ankles. On her left ankle, there is a tattoo that displays some delicate colours. The image is of a small, green branch or vine that holds pink and yellow floral blossoms. To the right of the design are a couple of Chinese symbols. On her right ankle, she has a small black tattoo of a heart that is being pierced by a dagger. Fans have speculated that this ink serves to symbolize her rocky relationships.