ryan goslingRyan Gosling is the hunky actor known for his roles as a leading man in films like The Notebook and Crazy, Stupid, Love, among a host of other movies that he has starred in. His young, clean-cut appearance makes him very attractive, and most people would not assume that he would be the type of Hollywood actor that would sport tattoos on his muscular frame when, in fact, he does have a few pieces inked on here and there.

To get to know Ryan a little better, read on to learn about the tattoos that he has gotten thus far, which can be seen in photos from the paparazzi who snap shots of him on vacation and running daily errands. While you may not see these tattoos in his movies, you can be certain that he has spoken about them and has, indeed, shown them off, quirky as they may be.

The Tattoo He Did Himself

Ryan made a mistake of attempting to tattoo himself with a tattoo kit he had purchased. Unfortunately, his drawing skills with the tattoo needle left a lot to be desired, and now he is left with a very strange looking and hard to make out tattoo on his left arm.

Ryan was trying to ink an image of a monster’s hand dropping a bloody heart, but if you look at the tattoo today, you will quickly realize that he failed pretty miserably. He even admits that the tattoo looks more like a prickly cactus than a hand at all. The letters W.H.R. are also tattooed right next to this image, but it is not clear what the reason behind these letters is.

Being that Ryan has not attempted to get a cover-up tattoo to hide this mistake, we can safely assume that it must not bother him all that much after all, and he is probably keeping it as a humorous memory of that time he tried to tattoo himself and it did not work out as planned.

Tattoos Done by Professionals

Even though Ryan could not tattoo himself properly, he was still up for getting more tattoos on his body, this time done by professional tattoo artists, thankfully. He has an image from a children’s book that is titled “The Giving Tree” on his left upper arm as well, and he has said in interviews that this particular tattoo is special to him because it reminds him of his mother and his sister every time he looks at it. He explained that his mother used to read the story to him and his sister when they were children, and that the tattoo is, therefore, very significant.

Another tattoo that Ryan has been sporting is the image of a skeleton and a ghostly lady, but its meaning is unclear.

For now, these are all of the tattoos that Ryan calls his own, and we will all have to wait and see if he ever decides to get more. Let’s just hope he never tries to tattoo himself ever again.