Richard Parkin Starkey was born in England in 1940 and would later rise to fame as part of the band, The Beatles, and become known as Ringo Starr. While none of the other members of The Beatles had any tattoos, Ringo Starr stands above the rest and has two prominent tattoos that he is proud to show off. Famous for being the drummer of the British sensation, The Beatles, Ringo was part of the band from 1962-1970, until they decided to disband. After The Beatles broke up, Ringo went on to continue working in music, which is his true passion, and he has released music and performed live, in addition to continuing appearing in films, ever since.

Though many die-hard fans around the world have been tattooing images onto themselves that are related to The Beatles, their albums, lyrics, and music, as well as images of the individual members themselves, none of the band members ever got permanent tattoos, except Ringo. And even though he only has two tattoos that he has gotten over the years, they are a testament to his unique spirit and his individuality.

Two Tattoos and What They Mean

Ringo’s tattoos do not appear to be a major part of who he is because he does not flaunt his tattoos, and they are not very famous, unlike other tattoos that adorn the bodies of rock stars from around the globe. There is not a lot of information regarding his tattoos or their meanings, either. But what is certainly unique about Ringo is that he is the only member of The Beatles who has any ink whatsoever, and he also got his first tattoo during a time when it was still somewhat taboo. Then again, it should come as no surprise, as The Beatles were quite taboo for their time as well, and Ringo fit right in and loved every minute of it.

Ringo got his first tattoo back in 1976, when most musicians were not getting tattoos. The tattoo is of a shooting star crossing the moon, and it is located on his left arm. Perhaps the meaning of this tattoo has to do with his rise to stardom and the fame he would have for the rest of his life around the world.

Ringo waited many, many years before getting his second tattoo, which turned out to be a result of an impulsive decision. He got the tattoo in 1994 on his right arm. The image is of a cross and what appears to be a volcano.

Both tattoos are located just below the crease of the elbow, on the inside of the arms. They are small and only feature black ink, so unlike many other rock stars whose tattoos stand out thanks to their size and coloration, Ringo’s are quite subdued, and probably are a result of wanting to display something permanently on his body which holds a very dear meaning to him and his life.