Being the lead vocalist of one of the biggest rock bands in the country, Anthony Kiedis has body art that most of his fans like to copy. Kiedis was born on 1st November 1962 and grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan, but moved to Hollywood at the age of eight to live with his father. Kiedis went to UCLA for a while but dropped out due to substance abuse and it was at this time that he received an offer to join the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as lead vocalist.

Although Anthony has a large number of tattoos, he doesn’t have loads of ink as most of his tattoos are in black and white. Because Anthony has a Native American background some of his ink is of Native American Tribal design. His collection of tribal tattoos has grown over the years and they now cover most of his back and arms. There is no doubt that the popularity of his tats is helped by the fact that his designs are mostly black ink and they are also quite bold and distinctive.
Anthony has a very impressive design of a Haida Thunderbird on his back, the design of which is said to come from the tribes of the Pacific Northwest and it is styled on an Eagle. It is said the art was inked by Henk Schiffmacher in Amsterdam in the early days, as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers hung out there a lot of the time.

In the early 1990’s Anthony had each of his upper arms inked in portraits of Native American chiefs. One is of Chief Joseph and the other of Sitting Bull and both of his large biceps have black work tribal armbands. When Anthony had these designs they were less common than they are today.

Anthony Kiedis also carries on his ink down his arms and he has a pair of tribal style daggers on each of his forearms. These incorporate patterns and Celtic line work that runs from his elbow down to his wrists. Although these tattoos are similar to each other they are not in fact identical.