Ozzy Osbourne, the famous goth rocker who sang in Black Sabbath and also has a band of his own, is no stranger to tattoos. Known as the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy has had a long, successful career in music, and his tattoos have become just as famous as he has.

Ozzy Osbourne has many tattoos, probably too many to count individually, and this makes it difficult to locate and name each one. It is also sometimes difficult to make out exactly what the designs are. But, with what seems like over 15 tattoos all over his body, here are just a few of Ozzy’s more famous pieces.

The Prince and His Tattoos

Ozzy Osbourne has two large tattoos, one on each side of his chest. On the left side is a skull covered in a red hood. The imposing figure has long, sharp canine teeth, much like a vampire. An even larger tattoo is on the right side of his chest, extending from his shoulder downward, of what looks like a blue demonic face with sharp fangs and fire for hair.

The top of Ozzy’s right forearm is covered in a partial sleeve containing various designs, some of which are difficult to discern. However, there seem to be daggers and/or leaves, various symbols, and the number 3. And on his left wrist, below his thumb, is a tattoo of a running stick figure. On the fingers of the left hand, the word “Ozzy” is tattooed, with one letter on each knuckle. The word “Thanks” is also inked onto his right palm.

On his right shoulder, a tribute to his wife Sharon is found, with her name tattooed underneath a rose. His left arm also features a skull with a knife passing through it, along with a dagger and a banner on his left arm that reads “Ozzy” as well.

And the Strange Tattoos Continue…

On both knees, Ozzy has smiley faces. On his left shoulder, he also has a woman’s face, looking vampiric again with fangs, blood red cheeks, and green eye shadow, and above this intricate tattoo is a black bat with its wings open and extended out to each side.  And a sword is tattooed onto his right thigh.

Not a stranger to brightly coloured tattoos, large red flames adorn his right wrist as well, wrapping around like a bracelet, and forming the base for the sleeve he added to little by little over time.

Tattoos and Regrets

When his daughter, Kelly, was thinking about getting tattoos, he advised her not to go for it, stating that she would end up regretting it in time. She did not listen to his advice and ended up regretting them after all, going so far as to get painful laser surgery to get rid of most of the tattoos. It would seem, therefore, that Ozzy would probably go back in time and not get as many tattoos as he did, especially since he realized that tattoos look great on younger people but not as great on older individuals.