Oli Sykes, singer of the British rock band Bring Me the Horizon, sure does love his tattoos. He is nearly completely covered in them, from black and grey pieces to those that are in full, vibrant colour. Oli has more tattoos than we can count, but we will focus on as many as we can decipher, since many of the tattoos melt into each other, making them difficult to make out.

Oli loves colourful tattoos that really stand out. In addition to two full sleeves on his arms, his torso is also covered in large tattoos, and he has ink all the way up his neck as well. When asked if he thinks he will ever regret any of them, he is confident that he won’t.

Massive Sleeves

Oli’s right sleeve is the first one he started working on years ago. There are so many different pieces within the sleeve because he would simply keep going back for more as he got new ideas to add onto it. There are, however, some small blue ghosts, along with several faces of different characters drawn in a combination of black ink and coloured ink. Like his left sleeve, the right sleeve also extends all the way down onto his hand. His knuckles feature the word “Drop.”

Oli’s left arm sleeve has many tattoo designs within it, including a heart within a triangle that seems to be crying a red liquid, along with a skeletal figure of a woman with wings holding a heart along the entire length of his bicep. Below that tattoo is a design of a rose. The colourful skull of a goat is found on the length of his left forearm. More colourful designs run down to his wrist and onto his hand, and his left knuckles feature the word “Dead,” so that when he puts his hands side by side, they read “Drop Dead,” which is the name of his clothing line. Each hand also features small tributes to his mother and father.

A Covered Torso

A large red rose is tattooed onto the front of Oli’s neck, covering it up entirely. He also has images on each side of his neck, which extend to the shoulders.

On Oli’s torso, there are quite a few large, colourful tattoos, including the image of a wolf coming down the left side of his ribs, a shark coming in from the right side of his ribs, and a massive bald eagle that reaches from one side of his torso to the other. Beneath the eagle is the word “Reckless” in large letters. And above the animals are what appears to be a purple spider web and two cherubs.

Strange Choices

Three small black dots forming a triangle on the side of his right eye symbolize the idea of living a crazy life.

The palm of Oli’s left hand has a tattoo as well. It is a simple design in black ink of the phrase, “High Five?”