With a dad like David Beckham, a man who has more tattoos than skin these days, we would not be too shocked if one of the Beckham kids went out and got themselves inked up in honour of their cute little sister, Harper Seven. Or we wouldn’t be if they were all grown up. However, when Romeo Beckham appeared in public with what appeared to be a tattoo of his sister’s name at the bottom of his neck, just like the real tattoo dad David has, more than a few eyebrows were raised in surprise given the boy is only ten years old!

But thankfully all was well and the tattoo was soon revealed to be a fake one, and although it looked pretty convincing, he has a few more years to wait before mum and dad let him have a real one.

What Does The Real Harper Tattoo Look Like?

David Beckham is well known for his love of tattoo art, so it was just a question of time once baby Harper had been born before he revealed his first tattoo in her honour, which he did at an LA Galaxy game earlier this month. The delicate tattoo is a simple inscription of his daughter’s name, just above the tattoo of Jesus being helped by three cherubs (which he says represents his three sons).

David also has his son’s names tattooed on his body: Brooklyn is tattooed across his lower back, Romeo is inked on his neck, and Cruz’s name is drawn at the base of the large winged figure across his back, which is said to represent a guardian angel. So it’s probably only a matter of time before Harper Seven is immortalised in a more pictorial fashion somewhere on David’s body, since the boys already are.

What Other Tattoos Does Beck’s Have?

David seems fond of religious imagery and aside from the large angel sitting between his shoulder blades and the three cherubs with Jesus, he also has another monochrome image of Jesus, reportedly inspired by a Matthew Brooks painting, sitting at the base of his ribs on the right hand side of his body. Perhaps he’s hoping for divine help when he’s out on the football field?

An Ode to Victoria

David’s kids are not the only ones to appear in ink on his body—like many men, he also has tattoos devoted to his wife. Victoria’s name is inked in Hindi script on his left arm, along with another phrase, this time in Latin, which apparently translates as “so that I love and cherish”. David also has an image of Victoria inked on his forearm, said to be inspired by a photograph printed by Pop magazine in 2004. This tattoo is accompanied by some inked stars and the phrases “Til death do us part” and “Forever by your side”. Let’s just hope that is indeed the case and the Beckham’s don’t end up far apart like so many other celebrity couples, or David could regret having those particular tattoos!