Monica Danger LeonMonica “Danger” Leon became famous when she starred on the American reality show called “For the Love of Ray J,” which debuted on VH1 in 2009 and ran for a total of 26 episodes over the course of two seasons. The point of the reality series was to find someone with whom Ray J, a hip-hop singer, could spend the rest of his life in wedded bliss.

Monica “Danger” Leon was featured on the first season of the show and became known not only for her crazy antics but also for her famous face tattoo. Since the days of the show, we hardly ever hear about Monica “Danger” Leon, but she has been able to get herself back in the spotlight every now and then nonetheless.

Monica Leon has a few other tattoos in addition to the most famous one on her face. Read on to learn more.

Let’s Start with the Famous Face Tattoo

Monica “Danger” Leon’s most famous tattoo is the one that is proudly displayed on her face. It is of a black and grey tiger that is making its way down the right side of her face, starting at the side of her forehead and moving down behind her eye and finally along her cheekbone. The tiger’s tail starts around the area of her temple, and it covers the entire side of her face to her hairline. For those who are not fans of face tattoos, this one is certainly an odd choice, but Monica is never afraid of showing it off.

A Colourful Neck Tattoo

Monica “Danger” Leon has yet another tattoo that is easily seen whenever she wears her hair up or she is sporting a short hairstyle. It is found on the right side of her neck, and is easily recognized in photos and from afar because it is so large and colourful. The tattoo is of a painter’s palette with a paintbrush.

Arm Tattoos

In addition to her face and neck tattoos, Monica also has a tattoo on the back of her right arm, just above the elbow. It is a black tattoo of the word “goddess,” written in a script font in lowercase letters.

She also seems to have a phrase tattooed in a small font across the inside of her left bicep, but there are very few photos of this ink, and the tattoo itself is very difficult to decipher as well.

Another Colorful Tattoo We Can’t Decipher

Monica “Danger” Leon has yet another large and colourful tattoo on her torso, located on her right side just above her hips. It runs up the side of her body, but it is very difficult to make out in photos, so we cannot determine what the design is of or what its potential meaning could be.

Future Tattoos?

It seems that Monica really loves her tattoos, and though we cannot always see every last one of the pieces of ink she has gotten thus far, we definitely would not be the least bit surprised if she continued to get new tattoos in the future.