Known as the star of two hit television shows in the United States, Michael C. Hall has been through some really rough times in the last few years of his life. Despite hitting a high note when he won a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award in 2009, Michael has faced hardship after hardship ever since.

Michael C. Hall is the star of a few films and, more importantly, the very popular television shows Dexter and Six Feet Under, which were produced by Showtime and HBO, respectively. Michael was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer, in 2010. And then later, in 2011, he ended up divorcing his second wife, Jennifer Carpenter, who also worked on the show Dexter. He even missed out on winning an award for his acting when he lost to Damien Lewis. But never letting life hold him down, he beat the cancer, being fully cured and able to go back to work, and he is now dating a woman who seems to care about him very much.

Michael is always working hard and making headlines, and he recently made news when he got a tattoo. Michael’s girlfriend, Morgan Macgregor, whom he took with him on the red carpet, is a fan of tattoos and loves showing off her own. She has several pieces of tattoo art on her hands and her arms, which she shows off every chance she gets. Perhaps Michael was inspired by her tattoo art and wanted to get some of his own. Maybe someday they will even go ahead and get matching tattoos as a display of their love for one another. Only time will tell. For now, though, it seems Michael is perfectly satisfied with his first tattoo, a small black piece that he got on the top of his left foot.

A New Foot Tattoo

In addition to a new girlfriend, Michael also has a new tattoo. He was photographed getting the tattoo at a shop in Hollywood, California in October. Witnesses noted how calm and collected Michael was throughout the entire process, especially noticing how he did not even flinch once from the pain that he felt from getting a tattoo on the top of his left foot. He even checked his phone at one point while he was getting inked, probably looking over emails and text messages or even websites for updates. And upon exiting the tattoo shop, Michael appeared extremely pleased with the end result. A large smile on his face was all the proof that fans needed to see in order to confirm that he will not be regretting this tattoo.

Photos of the tattoo that have been released thus far do not really exhibit too much detail of the artwork, so it is somewhat difficult to make out exactly what the image is. It has been described as a leaf-shaped starburst, but perhaps viewers of his show, Dexter, may get a better look if he ends up revealing it on the screen.