Coleen Rooney is a British columnist, celebrity product endorser, and television presenter, but she is mostly known for being the wife of famous football star, Wayne Rooney, who plays on the team Manchester United. But while she may have become better known to the masses because of her relationship to Wayne, she is, indeed, her own personality with her own following.

While Coleen’s husband, Wayne is known for having several tattoos, showing them off by taking his shirt off while on the field celebrating a goal or victory, Coleen made headlines in 2010 when she got her first tattoo, clearly following in her husband’s footsteps.

A Tribute to Her Son

When her son was just nine months old, Coleen chose to pay tribute to him by getting a tattoo of his name permanently inked on her body. During a vacation in Las Vegas, she decided to go ahead and get the tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. The simple black tattoo is nothing more than her son’s name, Kai, but its meaning is obviously very deep and the tattoo shows the amount of love and devotion she has towards her child.

Coleen’s husband, Wayne, had a much more obvious tattoo inked onto his back in honour of Kai as well, only he got his done a few months prior to Coleen’s. Wayne’s tattoo was unveiled on the soccer field, of course, in June 2010, after England beat Mexico. His intricate tattoo is an all-black piece of intricate artwork featuring a pair of hands in the prayer posture, with a pair of wings extending out from either side of them. Beneath the image is Kai’s name as well. Unlike Coleen’s subtler inking, you absolutely cannot miss this tattoo on Wayne’s upper back, which was inspired by David Beckham’s tattoo in honour of his own children. Wayne even helped design it with the help of his tattoo artist.

Did She Really Tattoo Her Eyebrows?

Rumours started circulating in the latter part of 2010 that Coleen had had her eyebrows tattooed onto her face. The new, obviously dark eyebrows she was suddenly sporting led many to believe that she had decided to shave off her real eyebrows in exchange for permanent, perfectly formed tattooed eyebrows instead. Others thought that, at the very least, she had used semi-permanent makeup to create the perfect arches. When Coleen finally got to explain what she did, it turned out, however, that all the rumours were false.

In an interview, Coleen confirmed that she never got eyebrow tattoos, but instead had them pencilled in. While the idea of getting their eyebrows tattooed on is becoming more appealing to women, Coleen, and her fans, prefer a more natural approach.

So while Coleen is no stranger to tattoos, it would seem apparent that she is not willing to get any kind of ink on her face. Whether or not she decides to get more tattoos on other parts of her body is something that fans will have to wait and see.