Lena DunhamLena Dunham is known as a writer and actress and has become quite famous in the U.S., thanks to her hit HBO comedy series Girls. Many of the scenes in the show have already clearly showcased her love of tattoos, as she seems to have several on her torso and she is not afraid of showing them off both on and off screen. Whether she is on the red carpet for a premiere or for an awards show, Lena loves wearing outfits that show off her ink, which was even a topic of conversation between characters on the show Girls for a brief moment during its first season.

Lena is known for her humour and her creative writing abilities, so it’s no surprise that her body would feature ink that’s imaginative and very different from the norm. Read on to find out exactly what Lena has had permanently inked onto her skin.

Becoming Addicted to Tattoos

While Lena’s character on the HBO show, Girls, admitted on the show that she got tattoos as a way to control her body during high school after she gained a lot of weight, Lena has admitted that this isn’t really the reason that she got tattoos in real life. In reality, her friend had tattoos and she wanted to get some too.

While she doesn’t want to be covered in tattoos, she did get addicted to getting them between the ages of 17 and 21, when she got the majority of her ink completed. Since then, she has continued to get smaller tattoos here and there but nothing very large.

Lena’s Large Back Tattoos

Lena has a couple of tattoos on her upper back. They are almost identical houses, one on each shoulder blade. Because of their size, you certainly can’t miss them whenever she is wearing a low-cut top or strapless dress. Though not very colourful, these tattoos do have hints of colour infused within the artwork, particularly with blue colouring the rooftops and a red door on the house on Lena’s left shoulder blade. The two houses are actually inspired by a children’s book by Kay Thompson titled Eloise.

Shoulder and Ribcage Ink

Lena also has a tattoo on her right shoulder. This tattoo is a black and white piece and features a cow within a field of flowers and large trees.

Lena has yet another tattoo on her ribcage, and this time it is of a Yorkshire terrier. This tattoo was actually done by her co-star, Jemima Kirke.

Other Tattoos

There are other smaller tattoos inked onto areas of Lena’s body, like her lower back, but you cannot really get a good look at them to determine what they are. You can catch quick glimpses of them during her nude scenes on her show, but she otherwise doesn’t show them off or talk about them too much.

Future Tattoos for Lena?

Lena does foresee herself getting more tattoos, but she will continue keeping them small because she has covered up a good part of her body already with the larger pieces she has.