Kevin FederlineKevin Federline, also known as K-Fed for short, was just a simple backup dancer who nobody had really heard of until he got married to Britney Spears and became really famous because he was always in the public eye with the pop princess. Ever since they split, he has focused on various aspects of his own career, and has done everything from rapping to modelling and acting.

Kevin is a bad boy with plenty of tattoos that he just loves showing off. Let’s take a look at a few of them and see if we can figure out if there are any important meanings behind them or if he got them just because they looked cool.

Various Arm Tattoos of Different Sizes

Kevin Federline has stated in an interview that his right forearm is covered in tattoos that are, in some way or another, dedicated to all of his children. He has four kids and two of them are with Britney.

One of the strangest tattoos on Kevin Federline’s body is a giant black letter F in an Old English font that runs the length of his left forearm. We can assume that this is symbolic of his last name’s initial, of which he must be particularly proud.

One small tattoo found on Kevin Federline’s arm is of a pair of blue dice to symbolize the chances we all take in our lives. His ex, Britney Spears, actually got a matching pair of the same dice, in pink, on her body as well while they were together. Kevin’s tattoo is found close to his right wrist, on the inside of the forearm, and Britney got hers in the same spot on her left forearm instead.

Tattoos We See But Can’t Decipher

On Kevin Federline’s left bicep, there is a large, colourful, intricate tattoo design that is very difficult to make out so we can’t tell exactly what it is nor try to determine its meaning.

Also, there are a few scattered tattoos down the rest of Kevin’s right forearm and elbow, including a red banner that is wrapped around his elbow and has black lettering inside it that is difficult to decipher as well, though sources say that is reads “your blood running through my veins.”

A symbol of what looks like a metal question mark or hook is also found on that arm, tattooed in black ink.

There is yet another banner tattooed onto Kevin’s right forearm near the wrist, but again, it is very hard to tell why it is there or what it means. There is some sort of script style writing inside it in black ink, and the banner itself is a golden colour.

A Large Back Tattoo

Kevin Federline’s favourite tattoo is the one on his back, which he got while he was spending time in Hawaii. The design is of a Polynesian tribal belt and its runs the entire length of his back, though we do not usually get to see it in photos because he has shirts on. That tattoo also features a baby in a foetal position, representing life’s beginnings.