Katy Perry has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame, thanks to her first big hit: I Kissed A Girl in 2008, which came from the album, One of the Boys, released the same year. Since then, Katy has achieved a world record with five number one songs from one album, all of which came from her third chart topping album, Teenage Dream; she also met, married, and divorced Russell Brand. But in between all her professional success and private turmoil, Katy has managed to find the time to decorate her delectable body with a few tattoos over the last few years.

Katy’s Love Of Religion

Katy Perry grew up in a religious household, so it is not surprising that her first tattoo has a strong religious theme: The singer has the word ‘Jesus’ inked on her left wrist, and reportedly says she had this done to remind her of her religious childhood (both of Katy’s parents are evangelical ministers, so we can’t begin to imagine what they said when Katy brought home reformed sex and drug addict, Russell Brand!).

However, despite Katy’s walk on the wild side (having a daughter singing about kissing girls is not going to be easy for any parent to come to terms with), and her marriage to the infamous Mr Brand, her parents are apparently very supportive of her life and career. And if Katy ever needs a reminder of where she came from, all she has to do is look at Jesus on her wrist.

Speaking of Russell…

Like a lot of other loved up couples, Katy and Russell made the dubious decision to have matching tattoos (Angelina and Billy Bob anyone?) when they took a holiday in India in December 2009. Their his ‘n’ hers tattoos were inked on their respective right biceps and are a line of script written in Sanskrit that says ‘Anuugacchati Pravaha’. When translated into English, the tattoo means ‘go with the flow’, which sadly neither Kerry nor Russell were able to do when their marriage was torn apart by vicious arguments.

It was later reported in the Huffington Post that Russell had his tattoo removed, but as he was the one to file for divorce, it is perhaps not too surprising. Katy even sang about an ex boyfriend having a tattoo dedicated to her removed in her October 2011 hit, ‘The One That Got Away’, so maybe she was experiencing a spooky premonition…

Sweet Katy!

Following the global success of her album, ‘One of the Boys’, Katy announced on Twitter that she was considering having a cartoon strawberry tattooed on her body. She later paid a visit to her local tattoo shop and came away with a very sweet strawberry on her left ankle. This was joined by a tattoo of a peppermint candy sweet on her right ankle, which she said was part of the candy theme of her Teenage Dream album. And she wasn’t the only one—fifty members of her entourage also had the same tattoo, as well as the tattoo artist, Bang Bang, who was inked by Katy herself. Brave man!