Justin Theroux is a famous American actor, director, and screenwriter, who has not only made himself known by appearing in many Hollywood films, including Charlie’s Angels 2, Zoolander, and Mulholland Drive, but also for writing great movie hits, such as Rock of Ages, Tropic Thunder, and Iron Man 2.

Little Tattoos Everywhere

Justin loves getting tattooed but has to think twice before getting new ink because it would mean he would have to spend so much more time in the makeup chair of a movie set before filming, in order to cover up the tattoos if a role does not call for them. Nevertheless, it does not seem that he will let go of his love of body ink, especially as he does more and more work behind the camera instead of in front of it.

Justin seems to have plenty of tattoos, but they are relatively small and simple in terms of colour, since they are just plain black ink designs. From his arms to his legs and his chest, there is ink scattered throughout Justin’s body. Though the meanings may be unclear to those on the outside, what is clear is his love of the art.

The Images

Justin actually gave himself his very first tattoo, which is a simple black “X” with the words “straight edge” on his ankle that he inked onto himself at the young age of 14. Now that he is much older, he says the letter has certainly lost its shape and does not even really look like much of anything.

Justin has several other tattoos on his feet and legs. On the front of his left leg, there is a black tattoo of the grim reaper, with a banner beneath it that reads “Best of Luck,” clearly displaying Justin’s sense of humour. Symbolizing luck is a pair of swallows tattooed onto his feet, with one bird on the top of each foot. A small design of the Zig-Zag Man is found on the upper part of his right shin. A butterfly is also found on his left calf. On the front of his right ankle, Justin has a Latin phrase by the Roman poet Catullus, “Odi et Amo,” meaning “I hate and I love.” And a French Resistance cross is inked onto his right shin. Finally, on Justin’s right knee are the words, “The rich will set you free,” along with the logo for the band Black Flag, which is four black bars. He also reportedly got a matching tattoo with friend and restaurant owner Matt Kliegman on his leg.

On his left wrist, Justin has a tattoo of a target in black ink, and on his right wrist is an image of a pair of scissors. His right shoulder had a dragon tattoo that was later covered up by a massive back tattoo of a cityscape with buildings and birds, which takes up half of his back. And his right bicep features a small insect tattoo as well.