Jude Law TattoosJude Law is the handsome Hollywood actor from Britain who has also dabbled in directing and film production. Fans around the world enjoy watching him on the big screen in a variety of movies, playing every role imaginable, and the ladies, especially, love him for his good looks and great personality.

Tattoos for His Son?

While Jude has several tattoos of his own, he was recently in the entertainment news for stating that he won’t allow his own son to get tattoos of his own until he’s 18 years old. At that point, Jude will tell his son to really rethink his decision to get a tattoo, but if he feels that he definitely wants one, at that point, he’ll be an adult and will be able to get one. Until then, Jude refuses to give his son permission to get inked.

Even though he doesn’t want his teenage son to get tattoos until he’s just a bit older, Jude has also outright stated that he doesn’t regret any of his tattoos either. So it’s probably just good fatherly advice, making sure that his son won’t make any permanent mistakes during his youth that he may end up regretting later on as an adult.

Arm Tattoos

One of Jude Law’s most noticeable tattoos is a series of lyrics that are tattooed in black ink onto the inside of his left forearm, just below the elbow crease. The letters are quite small, so it’s not an obtrusive tattoo, but the lyrics do span three lines in total. They are from a song by The Beatles called “Sexy Sadie,” and they read, “You came along to turn on everyone, Sexy Sadie.”

Beneath the song lyrics tattoo is another tattoo on the inside of Jude’s forearm, but this time it is an image rather than just a series of words. It consists of a three-dimensional blue triangle or pyramid, drawn using very thin lines. It also has two red dots, one found on the bottom of the pyramid and the other on the left side of it. A thin green circle with a green dot in the middle of it is found to the bottom right of the image. A thin red circle is found at the top of it. When looking at it head-on, though, the pyramid is upside down, but when Jude lifts his arm, it is upright. It is difficult to determine what the exact meaning behind this strange tattoo is.

On the inside of Jude’s right forearm, there’s a circle of 10 black ants crawling in a circle, with what appears to be one stray ant a little distance away from the circle of ants. Once again, we can’t determine what the meaning behind this tattoo would be, but it certainly is an interesting choice.

Jude mentioned in an interview that he has a tattoo of a Rorschach image, but he wouldn’t explain why he got it. Above the ants tattoo is a strange symbol that could be a combination of a Rorschach image and Jude’s initials, but we can’t be entirely sure. It, too, is a black tattoo.