Johnny Depp has about thirty tattoos all over his body. While it is difficult to go into detail about each and every one of his pieces, here are just a few of the more meaningful ones he has received.

Leaving His Mark

Johnny loves getting tattoos that symbolize who he is at any point in his life, what he has been through, where he has been, lessons he has learned, etc. Every tattoo on his body, therefore, has a meaning to him, and it is there for a reason, not because he suddenly decided he liked a certain design in a tattoo shop. In fact, many of his tattoos represent himself and his love of his family.

Johnny has even admitted to having scars from knife wounds he inflicted onto his left forearm. The reasoning for the scars is the same as for his tattoos; they remind him of where he was at that point in his life.

Tattoo After Tattoo

On Johnny’s right bicep, there is a large tattoo of a Cherokee Indian chief’s head, representing his ancestry. Then, in 2012, Johnny showed off a new tattoo on his left hand. Though it may not look like much other than a black “Z” or zigzag, it appears to have significant meaning in Native American culture, where it stands for movement across the Earth, choosing a certain passion and path in life, and connecting with your own soul. In keeping with the Native American theme, Johnny got a colourful tattoo of the Comanche Shield on his right shin after he was adopted into the tribe.

A tattoo written in the Theban alphabet spells out the word “brother” in a circle on the right side of Johnny’s chest. The design was made by Damien Echols, who got a matching tattoo and they each got each other’s names tattooed on the inside of the circle.

To show off another important person in his life, a tattoo of a heart with the name Betty Sue written inside a banner flowing across it is found on Johnny’s left upper arm. The tattoo, in honour of his mother, is also surrounded by tribal lines. And a tattoo of tiny rosebuds strung together to form the name of his daughter, Lily-Rose, is found on Johnny’s chest, close to his heart. Three red hearts represent his wife and two children, and this tattoo is found on the inside of his upper left arm. On his right forearm, he has a tattoo of a bird flying, representative of his movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, to which he also added the name of his son, Jack. On the back of his upper left arm, Johnny has a drawing of a boy holding a guitar, which was a design that was created by Jack.

Finally, showing his ability to evolve and change his tattoos along the way, on his upper right arm, there is a banner that used to display the name of his ex-girlfriend, Winona Ryder, but thanks to laser surgery, now reads “Wino Forever.”