Jeff HardyIf you are a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, more commonly referred to as the WWE, you have more than likely heard of professional wrestler Jeff Hardy. He is one of the most popular wrestlers to have ever graced the WWE stage and is known for revolutionizing wresting as we know it. His unique look and acrobatics made him a force to be reckoned with. And fans love him, too, for his many tattoos, which he is definitely proud to show off. Continue reading to learn about some of the ink that this star athlete is sporting.

A Huge Back Tattoo

One of the most noticeable tattoos on Jeff Hardy’s body is, by far, the one found on the entire right side of his back. It extends into the middle of his back and then up the right shoulder and down the right arm all the way down to his hand. The back portion of the tattoo is of a green and red serpent body that wraps around what appears to be an old and dried out tree and its roots. The branches of the tree extend up into the shoulder area and then down the arm.

Right Arm Sleeve That Extends Out from the Back

As the leafless tree trunk and branches extend down Jeff Hardy’s right arm, they are filled with more than just black and grey ink to provide the details of the texture. There are other colours in the design as well, including purple, yellow, pale green, and blue. The branches reach down into the hand and what appear to be more roots extend to his right ring finger.

A Scary Neck Tattoo

Most people who get neck tattoos do it because they want the ink to be seen, and the neck area is certainly one of the most obvious places to show a tattoo to the public. On the left side of Jeff Hardy’s neck, you can easily make out a large blue tattoo. Looking at the design more closely, you can see that it is a scary face, almost like the Joker character from the Batman comics, who is literally pulling away the skin of Jeff’s neck to show his face. So the design makes it look like someone, not something, is coming out of his neck, definitely making it a horror-inspired piece.

Dragon Tattoo on the Leg and a Sword on the Back

Yet another large tattoo is found on the side of Jeff Hardy’s left leg. It extends from the knee down to the ankle and the design is a traditional Asian dragon design done in black ink. Then, an interesting looking sword of some kind is found on the upper back area. This, too, is simply done in black ink without being coloured in.

Wild Cat

A wild cat is also found tattooed onto one of Jeff Hardy’s forearms. Outlined in black ink, it is probably a leopard, and it is a drawn in a way that makes it look vicious yet it still has an almost cartoon-like appearance rather than being realistic.