Jared Leto is certainly a multi-talented and artistic individual, having worked as an actor in several successful Hollywood films as well as the singer, songwriter, and guitarist for his band, 30 Seconds to Mars. In addition, Jared is no stranger to tattoos, and loves showing off the ones he has gotten on his own body, especially those that are symbolic of his career in music and of his adoring fans.

While Jared Leto certainly is a rock star, he does not have as many tattoos as you might imagine someone like him having. Perhaps he keeps his ink minimal because he does not want to have to deal with hours in the makeup chair to have them covered for a role in his next movie, or maybe he just focuses on getting tattoos that are meaningful at the time, such as tattoos of symbols from his band’s artwork and albums. Either way, we love checking out what tattoos he has gotten thus far while waiting to see if he chooses to get more in the future.

Kat Von D on Jared’s Tattoos

Famous tattoo artist Kat Von D, of LA Ink, tattooed the logo of Jared’s band, 30 Seconds to Mars, on his forearm. She considers this tattoo to be one of her top 5 favourite tattoos that she has ever inked onto a celebrity, even though the design is simplistic and features only red and black ink. She knew how much it meant to Jared, and she was honoured to be able to give him the tattoo he desired.

The fairly simple tattoo is comprised of the outline of a large letter “X” in black ink, with a red circle around it. Also, the tattoo is actually the symbol for The Echelon, which is the name given to the fans who support the band, their music, and their charitable efforts. However, this tattoo does not contain any of the glyphs that the band has also used as part of its imagery and which have been seen in other versions of the design.

Jared’s Other Tattoos

Jared has a set of arrows, one on each calf, pointing upward. They are massive, covering the entire calf of each leg, but once again simple, as they are just outlines of a basic arrow shape.

On one of his wrists, Jared had the phrase, “Provehito in Altum,” inked on in black script letters. The Latin phrase translates to “Launch Forth Into the Deep.” Below the quote are four thick black tattoos, which are the glyphs used in the imagery of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

On each of Jared’s forearms is the symbol for the element of air in alchemy. Once again, these tattoos are large and composed of thick black lines of ink. The symbol is nothing more than a triangle with a horizontal line going through the middle of it. Much like Jared’s other tattoos, you have to know what the symbol stands for in order to know the meaning behind it.