Howard Allan Stern has been famous for his controversial radio shows for more than 35 years, and the better part of that time was spent as top dog. Whilst he has branched out to television production, internet media, writing and acting, he has mostly stuck with radio shows. His ink is as rebellious as his nature. Howard Stern has been on the receiving end of many lawsuits, for his language and scandalous radio shows. Part of any nonconformist, maverick personas is a list of body art. Howard, however, has surprisingly few tattoos. Where he once had four, he now only displays three.

Howard Stern and His Wife Share Wedding Tattoos

Instead of procuring traditional wedding rings, Howard and his wife decided on something more permanent – to better symbolise their long-lasting devotion to each other. The couple each got the other’s initial on their ring fingers, in elegant, old fashioned script. It may seem tacky to some, but the overall result is quite aesthetic. With a small, gothic “B” (for Beth Ostrosky) embossed in the place the jewel would usually go. Beth, of course, has an identical “H” on her hand.

Capricorn the Dragon

Possibly Howard’s least favourite tattoo is the redesigned ink of a dragon (Sirius) on his right shoulder. It started out as the symbol of Capricorn, which the rebel appeared to regret getting. Thus he had it transformed into an elaborate winged beast by tattoo artist Kate Hellenbrand. Howard states he doesn’t care about either version of the tattoo. He chose them “like an idiot”, and holds no meaning to either one.


Bianca, one of Howard’s most beloved girls in his life – now sadly passed away. Described by Beth Stern as “queen of the house”, and who was lovingly included in the couple’s wedding celebrations. Without a doubt, Howard loved Bianca – enough to have her name tattooed on his wrist as well as Beth’s. Her death was of great sorrow to both he and his wife. Bianca is Howard’s treasured 10-year-old English bulldog. You won’t find many people devoted enough to their animals to engrave their names into their flesh, but Howard is one of a kind.


Howard is enthusiastic about transcendental meditation – something taught to him by his mother. To symbolise this, he has paid tribute to the practice by getting the Ohm symbol on his pinkie finger. It was another tattoo he gave himself on a brief whim, and he no longer attributes much meaning to it.

At The End Of The Day…

Howard Stern certainly offers some food for thought with his tattoos. Each of these symbolises something important to him. However, his Bianca tattoo in particular, will likely hold the strongest place of importance for him. The creative and unique nature of his body art can serve as an inspiration for people the world-over who are looking for a fresh approach to the ink they’re choosing for themselves. Use Howard as a reminder of the fact that your body is a palette.