Fred DurstFred Durst became famous in America and around the world as the lead singer of the rock band Limp Bizkit, and later went on to have a solo career. While he’s not in the spotlight any longer for his music, he does occasionally pop up in celebrity news.

Many rock stars get tattoos in memory of significant times in their lives, and Fred Durst in no exception. However, most rock stars are also willing to accept the good times and the bad and grow from them, so they don’t typically regret their tattoos or remove them (if anything, they will just cover them up with new ink). But Fred Durst is an exception to this rule and does, indeed, have some deep-seated regrets about one particular tattoo that he got a few years ago.

Read on to learn more about Fred Durst’s myriad tattoos and also to find out the one that is causing him a deep level of regret.

Tattoos Everywhere

Fred Durst has many tattoos, large and small, colourful and black and grey, scattered all over his body. For example, he has a colourful flower that takes up all of the space on the back of his neck, he has a black and grey portrait of Elvis Presley alongside a black and grey portrait of Kurt Cobain on the upper part of his chest, and he also has very many tattoos down both of his arms, forming two full sleeves. While he doesn’t seem to have a problem with any of these tattoos, he does, however, have a major problem with his back tattoo.

The Regret of a Lifetime

Fred Durst found his success in the music business when his band Limp Bizkit hit it big in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Now that his band is no longer famous, especially after a poorly received album release in 2011, Fred is pretty much ashamed of the music that he put out, particularly songs like “Nookie,” that once made him famous when he was young but now make him feel embarrassed in his 40’s. But he cannot fully move on from his former band nor his past until he gets rid of one giant reminder, and that is the massive, colourful tattoo that takes up Fred’s entire back.

The colourful tattoo is intricate and well done, and it’s a replica of the artwork found on the cover of Limp Bizkit’s album Significant Other (the album which really catapulted them into the spotlight and also featured the hit single, “Nookie”).

Fred feels that he has moved on from his band along with the fans that no longer seem to care about them or about him, for that matter, so he is ready to have the tattoo permanently removed so that he can get rid of the painful reminder of what used to be and who he used to be. He actually went ahead and opened up his PayPal account to ask his current fans for donations so that he can get the tattoo removed.