Dave Navarro is not only well known in the music industry, having played in many bands, including Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Panic Channel, but he is also famous in the world of tattoos, thanks to the television show Ink Master, of which he is the host. Dave is a clear expert on tattoo quality and he is also a genuine tattoo enthusiast. His body is covered pretty much head to toe in various pieces of tattoo art, and he does not seem to ever stop adding new ink to his already extensive repertoire of body art.

Dave has far too many tattoos to cover in just one article, so we will just cover some of the more noticeable and meaningful ones that he has had inked onto his body.


Dave’s torso, from his arms and shoulders to his chest and back, is covered in various tattoos.

The name Constance is tattooed in very large black letters across Dave’s lower back. Constance Colleen Navarro was Dave’s mother and the tattoo is a tribute to her. When Dave was a teenager, his mother was murdered by a jealous ex-boyfriend, so Dave has had to grow up without her, but the tattoo is a reminder of her influence on his life. In addition to her name, he also has a portrait of Constance tattooed down the left side of his body.

On Dave’s right hip is the phrase, “Trust No One,” which was not only the title of his self-titled album in 2001, but it is also his philosophy. It is written in a script font and clearly indicates that Dave’s been burned by others in the past.

A pair of bats, one on each of Dave’s shoulders, is tattooed in solid black ink. In between them, going across the top of his chest just below his neck, is the phrase “Eleven Twenty-Two,” written in script. The number refers to November 22, which is the date he married Carmen Electra. Though they have since divorced, he has not decided to remove it. In the centre of his chest, he also has the letters CE, which represent Carmen Electra’s initials. Rather than cover it up or have it removed with a laser, he is keeping the tattoo because it is a part of his life and part of the reason he is the man he is today.


On his right leg, Dave has a tattoo of a dragon, a black and grey pentacle, and two pinups, one of which is in dominatrix attire.

Yet another pinup is found on Dave’s left leg, but this time it is of a woman dressed in a sexy nun outfit. Another pentacle is found on his kneecap. And yet another pinup is drawn in a martini glass, surrounded by dice, cards, a bottle of liquor, and a skull and crossbones, along with a banner with the words “Man’s Ruin.”


Dave has several hand tattoos, including spider webs on both hands, as well as several Roman numerals that are symbolic to him.