Dave BatistaDave Batista made a name for himself as a mixed martial artist, actor, bodybuilder, and professional wrestler who starred in the WWE and became one of the organisation’s most popular champions. Wrestling fans know him simply as Batista, and fans that enjoy his antics in the ring as well as his physical prowess outside of the ring also know that he enjoys getting tattoos and showing them off. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about Dave Batista and what ink he’s sporting, continue reading. Below is a look at the designs on his body that really stand out and make an impression.

A Tattoo Design That Covers Dave’s Entire Back

When Dave takes his shirt off, you will quickly notice how muscular he is. But in addition to his well-defined muscles, you will also notice the huge tattoo design that takes up his entire back. And when we mean it takes up his entire back, we mean it covers everything from the neck out to the shoulders and all the way down to the lower back.

The design is a little difficult to make out because there is a lot going on within it. The centre of the tattoo, though, seems to focus in on a dragon of some kind. In fact, it seems to be drawn in a very traditional Asian fashion, with the head of the dragon just below Dave Batista’s neck and then the rest of the body cascading down in waves, like a serpent, to the middle of the back. It is coloured in what appears to be a combination of blue, green, and black ink. Red flames are found surrounding the dragon, but there are also brown branches and flowers throughout the background of the massive design as well. The flowers certainly add a feminine touch, as they are vibrant and pink in colour. And there are even hints of yellow in the background of the design, making this a colourful tattoo indeed.

Massive Tribal Tattoos, and A Little One Too

Once you take a look at some of the other tattoos on Dave Batista’s body, you will quickly realise that he likes to get the biggest tattoos possible. On each shoulder is a very large, black tribal tattoo. The one on his left arm, though, has another design tattooed within it, so there is definitely a pop of colour, with blues and reds showing through. Kanji images are also found over the top of the bottom of the tribal design.

A small tribal sun design is also found on Dave Batista’s stomach, surrounding his belly button. This is quite possibly the smallest tattoo on the man’s body.

Right Arm Sleeve and Some Ink on the Left Arm

Over time, Dave Batista extended his right shoulder tattoo and continued to add even more ink to his right arm until his entire arm was covered in ink. Although we cannot make out every single image within the sleeve, it definitely extends all the way down to the hand. On the other arm, he just has a few images tattooed around his wrist, but they’re difficult to decipher too.