Chris AndersonChris Anderson is also known as the “Birdman,” and he is a professional basketball player in the United States. He has played on a variety of teams, but as of 2013, he is a proud member of the Miami Heat in the NBA. In addition to his talents as an athlete and his unique looks, Chris Anderson is also known for his tattoos, which he isn’t afraid to show off to the public when he’s on the court as well as when he’s off the court.

Chris’ First Tattoo Ever

Although Chris Anderson is now practically covered in ink all over his body, his first tattoo was one that he got when he was 21 and he was just beginning his career as a basketball player. Because his love of tattoos started at a young age, thanks to his mother who rode a motorcycle and had a few tattoos of her own, she went along with him to get his first design. Chris got two Chinese symbols, one representing good and the other representing evil, on the inside of each forearm.

Another Arm and a Chest Tattoo, and Many More to Follow

After his first set of tattoos, Chris was addicted to getting inked. He later got the image of a basketball player hanging off of a basketball rim tattooed onto his left arm. On his chest, he got the tattoo of a bulldog with the phrase “Good Old Boys” to complete it. A little later on after those tattoos, he got another tattoo on his chest. This time, though, it was of a pit bull dog because he is very fond of the breed.

Other arm tattoos include a bulldozer and a bull. Wings on his arms were tattooed on while he was going through his drug suspension. Then the words “Free Bird” were tattooed onto his neck, going straight across it for all to see in bright yellow ink. The reference to the famous Lynyrd Skynyrd song reminds him again of his drug suspension, as well as his broken engagement.

Another neck tattoo is that of a gold chain that surrounds it, along with the numbers “303,” which is the Denver area code. On his stomach, Chris Anderson has the words “Honky-Tonk” tattooed, but we are not sure what it means to him.

Birds for the Birdman

Because his nickname is the Birdman, it is no surprise that Chris Anderson also has several tattoos of birds all over his body. These include crows that are seen flying along both sides of both legs, eagles that are tattooed onto his shoulders, and a thunderbird that can be found on his chest.

Never Any Regrets

With about 75% of his body covered in ink, some people wonder whether or not Chris Anderson regrets, or will end up regretting, any of his tattoos. But he has spoken out and said that he absolutely loves his tattoos and he views them as artwork. Also, because every tattoo has a meaning behind it, he knows he will never regret them.