Charlize TheronCharlize Theron is a famous American actress who was actually born in South Africa and also had a career in fashion modelling. Known for her stunning looks and superb acting abilities, Charlize has certainly made a name for herself around the world. And ever since she established herself as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, she has won quite a few major acting awards and acclaim for her roles in a variety of films. But what most people do not know about the 37-year-old clean-cut actress is that she also sports a few tattoos on her fit and toned body.

Just a Couple of Very Subtle Tattoos

Many fans of Charlize Theron and her work do not even realize that she has two very small tattoos until they are pointed out in photographs. For example, a lot of people were surprised to see a tattoo on Charlize’s ankle when her photo was on the cover of British Vogue magazine in May 2012. Therefore, many times, even when she is acting, you are unaware of these tattoos, especially if they are covered up by makeup artists prior to starting filming. In fact, both of Charlize’s tattoos can be described quite simply as delicate and feminine.

Read on to learn what these mysterious tattoos are and what meanings, if any, lie behind them.

Charlize’s Foot Tattoo

On Charlize’s right foot is a very small tattoo just above her toes. It is an image of a tiny flower that has just a few thick, round petals. The flower has blue petals and a yellow centre, along with a short stem and three green leaves. No one really knows the meaning behind this tattoo, except perhaps that it is a pretty little image that Charlize feels represents her in some way, or it might just be nice to look at every now and then.

Charlize’s Ankle Tattoo

The other tattoo that is found on Charlize Theron is also found on the right side of her body. This time it is located just above her right ankle, on the inside of her leg. Charlize actually got this tattoo back in 1991, alongside her mother, Gerda, who got a matching tattoo as well. The colourful little tattoo is of a koi carp, which is the Japanese symbol for love and is also known as a symbol that represents strength, perseverance, and determination, which Charlize probably needed in order to overcome obstacles while on her way to stardom.

More Tattoos in the Future?

No one really knows if Charlize is planning on getting anymore tattoos in the future, but it is pretty clear that she is very content with the two that she has, especially since there have not been any rumours about her regretting the ink or wanting to get rid of the tattoo art that she has gotten over the years. We can speculate, though, that she will most likely continue getting very small, meaningful tattoos if she does consider ever getting more ink.