OchocincoChad “Ochocinco” Johnson is a famous American football player. He has played for the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, and Cincinnati Bengals. He is a wide receiver known for his immense level of talent and he is, therefore, adored by legions of sports fans.

When he is wearing his football uniform, you would not know that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has any tattoos, but he really does have a few underneath it all. Continue reading to learn what his ink is and what it all means.

A Leg Tattoo for a Very Special Lady

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson decided to get a very interesting tattoo on the outside of his right leg. It is a portrait of Evelyn Lozada, his wife who is trying to divorce him. The reason why she wants to get as far away from him as possible is because he grew violently angry with her and actually head butted her. He must be feeling a lot of remorse over his loss of control and his abusive nature because he went ahead and had her face inked onto his leg in black ink in an effort to prove how much he loves her. It does not seem, however, to be doing the trick, as Evelyn still wants to go through with the divorce despite this attempt at proving that he will love her forever with this very large tattoo of her face.

A Lot of Arm Tattoos

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is no stranger to tattoos, and Evelyn’s face was not his first. His entire left arm is covered in a sleeve of tattoos that actually begins by covering the top of his hand. It then extends up to the top of the shoulder. Though the black ink is difficult to decipher, there is the unmistakable image of Jesus Christ’s face found covering the entire lower part of his bicep.

More Religious Designs

Clearly, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is a religious man because he has a lot of tattoos that are focused on Christian themes, including imagery of characters from the Bible. In addition to his arm tattoos, more religious tattoos can be found on other parts of his body. For example, on the right side of his chest, there is a portrait tattoo of the Virgin Mary. The phrase “Psalms 23” is also tattooed on as part of that design, above the portrait.

A dove is found above the “Psalms 23” line, and next to that there reportedly is the image of Christ on the cross alongside the other two men with whom he was crucified.

There is also a tattoo that is very large that runs down the left side of Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s abdominals on the left side of his body. It begins just underneath his chest. While it is large and you can see it from afar and in photos, it is difficult to make out what the image is composed of. We would not be the least bit surprised, however, if it were more tattoos with a religious theme.