Brent Smith is known as the lead singer of the rock band Shinedown, who have enjoyed many hits and a growing fan base over the last few years. In addition to his high energy and inspirational words for his audiences, another aspect about Brent that really stands out is his love of tattoos, which can be found everywhere from his neck down to his hands. Though most of his tattoos are not readily visible at all times, he does have quite a bit of ink.

Most Famous Hand Tattoo

Brent’s most famous tattoo is found on his left hand. In large letters, in black ink, are the words “Your Pain is a Gift.” Brent has often spoken openly about the troubles he has faced throughout his life, including a drug addiction that was very difficult to overcome. He not only writes lyrics based off of his experiences, but he also discusses them in interviews without reservation. He has stated that the tattoo is symbolic of how he has grown and evolved as an individual, thanks to the hardships he has endured. To him, pain is motivating and it keeps him going, preventing him from giving up. He turns his pain into something positive by putting his experiences into songs and helping others who can use that music to relate to him and to relieve themselves of their own pain.

Above the “Your Pain is a Gift” tattoo is a tattoo that runs around his left wrist. A deep, black band gives way to red and yellow flames that are burning towards the text of the hand tattoo, giving it a more complete look.

Left Arm Sleeve

Brent’s left arm is completely covered in a sleeve of various tattoos that all come together. You have to look very closely in order to decipher the many different components within the sleeve, and you can tell that the entire thing took a long time to complete.

Massive red, black, and yellow flames go up a majority of Brent’s left elbow and left tricep muscle. Within the flames is a blue muscular man. There is also a black and white alien tattooed onto the top of his left forearm, to the side of what looks like red muscle fibres running down the other side of the forearm. An impressive, large black tattoo of what appears to be a figure with wings drooping appears on Brent’s left bicep, along with thick black letters above it that are difficult to make out. Finally, red flames adorn the right shoulder, at the top of the sleeve.

Not to leave his right arm out, Brent also has a few smaller tattoos on that arm, and it seems that he continues to add more ink onto it as time goes on. Perhaps someday he’ll have two sleeves.

A Large Neck Tattoo

Yet another defining tattoo on Brent Smith is his large and colourful neck tattoo, with brilliant shades of blue and red ink, which covers the entire right side of his neck.