Blake SheltonBlake Shelton is a country singer from America who has been active in the music scene since 2001. He became famous for his immense amount of musical talent, and he also has become well known to audiences around the country as a result of his spot as a judge on the hit singer competition series called “The Voice.”

Blake is a fun-loving guy, and this comes across in all of his interviews, during which he’s a very open individual willing to discuss just about anything. When it comes to getting tattoos, he doesn’t compare to his co-judge Adam Levine of Maroon 5, who has more tattoos than we can count. To learn more about Blake’s take on his own ink, continue reading.

Just One Tattoo

Blake Shelton has only one tattoo on his entire body, but because it’s in a spot that makes it extremely visible to the public, he’s very well known for it. The tattoo is actually a really simple design that is found on his left forearm. When asked about it, he talks about it openly, and there are really no secrets behind the design at all. Other stars with tattoos aren’t always so willing to divulge the meanings behind their designs, but Blake is certainly an exception, and even jokes about the ink.

A Regrettable Tattoo

Blake has one tattoo that has absolutely no meaning behind it. In fact, in an interview with Oprah, he outright stated that the tattoo “doesn’t mean crap.”

One of the reasons that Blake does not like his one tattoo is because a lot of people do not understand what it is. The tattoo started off as a series of black deer tracks. They are quite small and are drawn completely around his forearm. What really annoys him, though, is when people walk up to him and see the deer tracks as ladybugs instead.

When he got the tattoo, he figured that, because he is a country fellow from Oklahoma, deer tracks would be appropriate. He claims that both he and the tattoo artist may not have been sober at the time he got the ink. He actually had to design the image himself because neither one of them had a clue as to how to properly design deer tracks.

Later, in order to distract people from the regrettable deer tracks that he now has permanently inked onto his arm, Blake decided to add barbed wires around his arm. One wire runs above the deer tracks and the other runs below them. But this tactic did not work to distract people from the deer tracks, which are often mistaken for anything except what they really are.

The Crappiest Tattoo in the World?

Blake Shelton regrets his tattoo so much that he feels that it may very well be the crappiest tattoo in the country music scene as well as the entire world. We will have to wait and see if he ever decides to remove it or gets it covered up with a new image.