Ashlee SimpsonAshlee Simpson became famous after her sister, Jessica Simpson, had a few good years as a singer and later as an actress. Jessica even revealed her personal life to the world when she and her now ex-husband, Nick Lachey, starred in their own reality television show called Newlyweds. Shortly after Jessica hit it really big in the celebrity scene, Ashlee wanted a piece of the pie as well, and she, too, had a singing career and a reality television series called The Ashlee Simpson Show. Lip-syncing controversy soon ensued, and Ashlee’s career started to falter.

Nevertheless, celebrity columnists still love to follow what Ashlee has been up to over the last few years, including her marriage and divorce from Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy, with whom she had a child as well. Like her ex-husband, Pete, Ashlee also has a love for tattoos, and she has gotten quite a few over the years. Read on to learn all about them.

Ankle Ink

A pair of colourful cherries can be found inked onto the outside of Ashlee’s right ankle. Her parents tried to stop her from getting any more ink, but she kept going.

A Bunch of Wrist and Hand Tattoos

Ashlee Simpson has quite a few tattoos found on both her wrists and her hands, particularly her fingers. Her first tattoo was of a simple black star outlined on the inside of her left wrist. The star was symbolic of her first album titled Autobiography. She got the tattoo alongside friends. And then, when her second album, I Am Me, was completed, she went ahead and got a tattoo on the inside of her right wrist to commemorate it. This time, the tattoo read “Love” in a thin script font in black ink. She explained that love is the most important thing and she wants to give it to other people.

Later, a black number 3 was added below the love tattoo, and Ashlee got that ink with her friend, who would always kiss her wrist three times before she went on stage to perform so that she would have plenty of luck and a great performance.

On the middle finger of her right hand, Ashlee also has a tiny tattoo of the peace sign, done in thin black ink. A tiny red heart that is outlined in black ink is found on the side of her left ring finger, probably in commemoration of her ex-husband.

For a brief time, Ashlee was photographed with yet another tattoo on her right wrist, above her star tattoo. This time, it was of a black feather, but it was covered up a short time after she got it.

And, finally, her largest tattoo so far is of a red peony that now covers the inside of her right wrist, where the feather used to be. However, the star is still visible through the petals of the flower. When asked about the meaning, she said that she simply got it because she liked the design.