Adam Gontier is the lead singer of the rock band Three Days Grace, a group of talented musicians who have achieved a high level of fame, thanks to fan support over the years since they first started out. They have enjoyed much success touring the world and performing in front of audiences that admire their talents and their ability to write songs anyone can relate to. And they have also enjoyed acclaim for their albums.

Like so many other famous rock stars, Adam loves his tattoos, and he has many inked onto various parts of his body. Many of his tattoos are symbols of his work in Three Days Grace, such as symbols and lyrics from the project, and they are also tributes to the most important people in his life. Therefore, it is clear that Adam does not just get tattoos for the simple sake of getting tattoos. Rather, his tattoos are meaningful to him on a deeper level.

Though Adam just has a few tattoos thus far, including a butterfly on his right wrist and two other tattoos on his chest, he does plan on getting more in the future.

Adam’s Arm Tattoos

On Adam’s right forearm, there is a very thick, completely black band that is tattooed to go around the arm just under the elbow. He claims he just wanted a band tattooed onto his arm instead of always having to wear a wristband, which he used to do all the time anyway. And he wanted it to look different, so he went with solid black on the upper arm as opposed to a smaller piece lower down on the arm.

Below the band, in black script font, are lyrics from his song, “Never Too Late,” which was a major hit from the band’s album titled One X. The lyrics are deeply personal to Adam, who has been through moments of wanting to give up but picking himself up again.

On his right bicep, there is a large tattoo that runs from the shoulder down to the elbow. A skull is found up towards the shoulder, outlined in a thick red line that extends out like short flames, and behind the skull and running the length of the arm are thick black tribal lines.

On Adam’s left forearm, there is yet another band, but this time it is not solid black but rather a black tribal design. On his left bicep, he also has the name “Gramma G” with the years of her life tattooed in script, as a tribute to her. He received the tattoo shortly after she passed away.

On Adam’s left bicep is a tattoo that serves as a tribute to his wife. The portrait of his wife is above the tattoo in honour of his grandmother.

Hand Tattoo

The word “Grace” is tattooed onto Adam’s knuckles on his right hand, written in the same font that was used for the album Grace by Jeff Buckley. On the knuckles of his left hand, he has the word “Hope” inked on.