Aaron Lewis is mainly known as the singer of the famous rock band, Staind, but more recently, he has also begun a solo career in the country genre. His songs are typically heartfelt and filled with raw emotions, whether he is singing about betrayal or about missing someone special. As a result, Aaron has certainly made a name for himself in the music scene, and many fans admire his tattoos as well as his musical talents.

When it comes to tattoos, Aaron is definitely addicted. He has admitted that, once you get one tattoo, you must get more, and that is how he reacted after getting inked for the first time. At this point in time, Aaron has many tattoos all over his body, but since he really loves getting inked, it is no surprise that that number is going to climb steadily as the years roll on.

Two Sleeves of Tattoos

Aaron has both arms covered in tattoos. The two sleeves have more designs on them than you can count, but we will do our best to cover the more noticeable pieces of art.

A black tribal design is found on Aaron’s left forearm, and that was one of his first arm tattoos, because there are photos available that show the design on a relatively bare arm. Since then, he has added quite a bit of ink, including what looks like a large black and grey toned koi fish, as well as other black tattoos that go all the way up to his shoulder.

In 2009, Aaron was spotted getting a very colourful tattoo added to the inside of his left bicep. The tattoo is a large American flag coloured in red, white, and blue, which spans the length of his bicep, from the armpit to the elbow. It seems that, in black ink over the flag, the words “Proudly Made in the USA” are also tattooed in a script-like font. This tattoo clearly goes along with his new venture into country music, which is known for having a lot of pride in the flag and in the country on a whole.

An Oddly Placed Tattoo

Along with the flag on his arm, Aaron had the words, “Don’t Tread on Me” tattooed across his neck. The massive tattoo spans the entire length of his neck, with the word “tread” being the only one that you can actually see from the front. The words are written in Old English font with tones of black and grey giving way to white.

Incredible Hand Tattoo

One of the most standout pieces on Aaron’s body is the tattoo of a skull in black ink, which spans both of his hands. One half of the skull is on each hand, so when he places them side-by-side, it forms a full image. The teeth of the skull go down into his knuckles and the upper part spans into the wrists. This skull matches the others, also in black ink and quite detailed, found within his right sleeve.