When you’re in the public eye, you have to think about the image you’re portraying. Thousands of celebrities have tasteful, artistic, personal tattoos that have inspired millions around the globe. Some of them, however, really didn’t seem to think it through. Here’s a few that got it oh so wrong.

The Love Tattoos

The original and probably best known tacky tattoo was Pamela Anderson and her barbed wire cuff on her forearm.  Later blamed as the cause of her hepatitis C infection after she shared a needle with lover Tommy Lee (oh, Pamela), the star’s tattoo is really nothing to be proud of.  She also famously had a tattoo on her ring finger instead of a wedding ring when the two married.  We don’t recommend this – diamonds are not only easier to take off, but they can be pawned at a later date should fame desert you.
In another bad example of the “romantic” tattoo, UK glamour model, “author” and reality star Katie Price expressed undying love to then husband Peter Andre by having his name inked on her arm.  Price was not fazed when they eventually divorced; although instead of deciding to have it covered over with another design she just had a big cross tattooed through it.  Classy!  With Katie Price and her alter ego Jordan’s reputation with the men, whether she is planning to start some kind of list there remains to be seen…

Memento Style

Some celebrities go one further and appear to need a visual reminder in case of amnesia.  Christina Aguilera has “Xtina” tattooed on the back of her neck, whilst Pearl Harbour actress Jaime King has “King” on her back.  Just carry a purse girls, it’s less painful.  Still, at least if you see one of them from the back you won’t be in any doubt who you’re queuing behind.

Why Did They Do It?

Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere has “to live without regrets” tattooed on her back in Italian.  Or rather she would, if she’d spelt it correctly.  Didn’t your mother ever teach you to measure twice and cut once, Hayden?

The Hill’s star Audrina Patridge has an incredibly weird strawberry that looks like a heart, wrapped in a blue snake on the back of her neck.  No, we can’t explain that one either but we think we’re getting flashbacks.

Megan Fox has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her arm and has been quoted as saying “it was a big f*** you to everyone that told me not to.” Nothing like a bit of permanent scarring as teenage rebellion Megan.

Nicole Richie is probably one of the only celebrities with an accidental tattoo – she now has several small dots on her finger after she accidentally dropped a tattoo gun.  Oops.  Brad Pitt meanwhile had a doodle that Angelina Jolie randomly drew on him one night permanently inked on.  Now that’s commitment, we’re just not sure to what.

Not Cool

Fred Durst has portraits of Elvis and Kurt Cobain on his chest, which, even if they were still alive, would still be the only way of getting the three of them in the same room.  We want to write more about this but we’re laughing too hard to be able to.

Probably the most famous from recent years, Steve O from Jackass has several regrettable tattoos including some he had done whilst in a moving car.  (Why Steve?)  The most infamous is the giant portrait of his face on his back.  Not the tackiest of his tattoos though – he also has “your name” inscribed on his butt to woo the ladies, inspiring teenage boys up and down the country into an equally idiotic tribute.  Well done, Steve.  America thanks you.

Hilarious as it is to laugh at the sheer idiocy of these celebrities when it comes to their tattoos, there is a warning in there for all of us.  Tattoos can be really great, but they can also make you look like a complete fool, so make sure that when you plan your next ink, you’re not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, infatuation, or worse – a star.